Who We Are

We're a family-run company with over 50 years of experience building brighter futures.

A Bosa Family Company

Our roots in construction and community building run back to the 1960s, when our family first immigrated from Italy, looking for a brighter future, and began building homes in the Vancouver area. A generation later, we’ve built more than 7,000 homes for over 15,000 homeowners throughout the Lower Mainland, and our family remains deeply involved in every part of the process. Today, we are proud to play a part in helping families, individuals, and future generations alike thrive and grow, as they work towards their own brighter future.

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At BlueSky, we’re driven by a desire to make people’s lives better because, for us, it's not about developing, it's about delivering brighter futures.

Dale Bosa
BlueSky Properties

Building Brighter Futures

At BlueSky, we believe that brighter futures start at home. For us, a home isn’t just four walls. It’s more than the space. It’s the place – and the people. It’s a starting off point for your day, and for your life. So, when we’re building homes, we look at things a little differently, and we do things a little differently. We start by looking at the place, and its possibility and potential, looking at what’s there, and what we can add to and enhance. We think of you, and what you’ll need to thrive in life – both at home, and beyond. And we look at how we can share opportunities, and help make access more attainable for all. As a family company, we are proud to play a part in helping families, individuals, and future generations thrive. We’re BlueSky, and we’re building brighter futures.

We design spaces and homes to suit your life

We consider how it all works together — from place and potential, to amenities and access. Learn how we design

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Our Vancouver-based team is passionate about real estate development and creating fantastic opportunities for homeowners and business owners alike. Meet our team

Bosa Family Foundation

In partnership with Bosa Family Foundation, we proudly work with local organizations to support the communities in which we build. See our community initiatives