Storied pasts & bright futures: how BlueSky came to be

In the Vancouver market, Bosa is a bit of a household name. And regardless of age or demographic, most folks in the city seem to know a thing or two about the Bosa family name.

And those things seem to be good. In fact, the Bosa brand tends to come out on top, according to local polls of the general population.[1] People know it, and they associate good things with it. Innovation. Quality. Value. It’s the kind of stuff brands strive for, really. And it’s the kind of stuff that isn’t earned overnight.

After all, the Bosa family has been around for a while. They first began making a name for themselves in the 1960s, after Robert Bosa and his family immigrated to Canada in search of a better future. Robert and his brothers started their forays in real estate together, under the banner of Bosa Brothers Construction, building single-family homes and small developments for growing families who were looking to get a start on their life. It was in those early days that they began to solidify a reputation for hard work, fair dealings and integrity. And over time, Bosa Brothers became a household mark synonymous with quality.

By the late 80s, it was time for a change. Many of the brothers that made up Bosa Brothers Construction had retired, and there was a next generation interested in starting in the business. In order to plan for the future, the Bosa Brothers parted ways – and Robert started what is now known Bosa Properties.

By 1993, Robert welcomed two of his sons, Dale and Colin, to the company, and so began the second generation of operations in the family business.

The integrated development and construction company launched their first tower in 1994, and have since completed over 7,000 homes, welcoming in over 15,000 homeowners to the Bosa extended family. Over the years, the company continued to grow and evolve, continually solidifying their reputation throughout the Greater Vancouver region. Dale and Colin continued to grow with the company, as well, refining their own paths and aspirations for their family’s business.

To BlueSky means to think without limits

In 2008, the brothers decided to introduce BlueSky Properties, alongside Bosa, as a means of diversifying the portfolio.

Lead by Dale Bosa, BlueSky was envisioned as a brand that would think outside the box and focus on fresh approaches for everything from residential to rental to commercial properties throughout the Lower Mainland. Driven by Dale’s desire to question the status quo and strive for opportunities to create lasting change in a community, BlueSky became a brand known for creativity, design and innovation.

Since its launch, BlueSky has successfully delivered communities that are anything but cookie-cutter. From Viceroy in New West, which set the stage for mixed-use living in an emerging community; to BlueSky Chinatown, which reimagined the concept of community in rental living.

So, when it came time to envision the next steps for BlueSky, it was pretty clear that the company needed a fresh look for its equally fresh approach.  

[1] Brand Reputation Insight Study, 2018 (Insights West) 

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