Getting a start, with BOSAequity

The folks at BlueSky get what it means to have to start somewhere. After all, the family company started with next to nothing, when Robert Bosa and his brothers and sisters immigrated to Canada in the late 1950s, in search of a brighter future. 

They began building homes, paving their way for a future for themselves and their families, and after over 50 years in the business, the name Bosa has become synonymous with success, quality, and integrity. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

But what was hard then is even harder now. Getting work, saving money, investing in things - and still having a life - it's not easy. So, when the team at BlueSky think about how they can help people achieve their own brighter futures, they leave no rock unturned. 

"We look at everything," says Dale Bosa, CEO. "from where we build, to how we build, to how we provide access - and even how people live. We're focused on the future, and we're trying to get ahead of it."

And every once in a while: they find something that works.

"BOSAequity helps people get a start," says Dale. "In today's day and day, it takes a long time for people to save up to buy their first place, so we want to try to lend a hand."

Announced in 2014, BOSAequity helps tenants become homeowners by allowing them to build up homeowner equity - even when they're renting. The first program of it's kind, BOSAequity allows 25% of tenant's monthly rent to accrue as a credit towards a down payment of a future BlueSky or Bosa Properties new home purchase.

Yep, every month, BOSAequity helps you save for your future. Without you even noticing. Not much that's hard about that!

To learn more about how BOSAequity works, or to find BlueSky and Bosa Properties rental opportunities in the Vancouver and Victoria areas, check out today. 

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