BlueSky neighbourhoods all have something in common; interactive communities, fresh air, and convenient transit and services.

We build in growing communities around British Columbia

We believe the key to a brighter future is building communities in locations where people have access to the best things in life and the opportunities to grow.

The BlueSky neighbourhood checklist

After 50 years, we've developed a pretty good sense of the elements that make a neighbourhood desirable and thriving.

Places to connect

We believe in the power of communities working together. That's why we look for, and create spaces that allow and encourage people to interact with their neighbours.

Getting around

Whether you walk, bike, bus, train or drive, we want getting where you're going to be an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

Access to nature

We make the most of B.C.'s growing cities. They're built within close proximity to nature, allowing us to enjoy the perfect balance between city living and exploring what our provincial backyard has to offer.

Convenient services

A good balance of local shops and restaurants, as well as convenient schools, hospitals, and community centres, provides a focal point for a neighboourhood and keeps the community strong.