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We design spaces and homes to suit your life

How we design

We believe that homes are more than four walls, and that spaces designed with people in mind have the power to unlock brighter futures. So when we're designing our communities, we look at a couple of key things: starting with the location, and what's there that makes it awesome. We consider what we can add—to create connection, and community. And we think of you, and what you'll need to thrive, not just at home, but in life. 

Central locations

We believe the key to a brighter future is building communities in locations where people have access to the best things in life—city amenities, culture and nature—and the opportunities to grow. See our neighbourhoods

Nearby services

We design well-rounded communities that make us feel at home with a careful balance of convenient, complementary stores and services. They offer everything we need right on our doorstep, and keep us connected within our community.

Flexible spaces

We believe that our homes should reflect our needs and our personalities. To help people live better lives, we design innovative homes that are flexible with BOSAspace; so that the spaces can adapt to people, not the other way around.

Ideas that help

We're always looking to use our expertise to help people get the most out of their home. That's why we think beyond the norm, and why we've set up BOSAequity so people can build up homeowner equity, even while they’re renting. Learn more about BOSAequity