Communities Thrive


The Bosa Properties Foundation and the BlueSky Properties Foundation were born from the idea that a new building can have a profound effect on its local community. Our values are built upon the fifty year history of our family business with a strong commitment to the communities in which we build. That’s why we will contribute a portion of the profits from each project back to the community to create high impact collaborative projects addressing children, youth and food issues.



Where We Give


  • Bosa Foundation
  • BlueSky Foundation
  • Joint Donations
  • Douglas College Foundation

    A bursary awarded to students of the Faculty of Children and Family Studies. These students go on to work at nonprofits serving the community.

  • Jasmine Society

    Justice Access Society for Maintaining Independence and Empowerment offers long term support and advocacy for women and their children who have experienced domestic violence.

  • Holy Trinity Parish

    A meal program that serves over 6000 breakfasts a year and distributes warm clothes during extreme weather and toiletries to needy clients.

  • Royal Columbian Hospital

    Emergency needs equipment


    Women In Need Gaining Strength - Assisting women and children in current danger needing immediate help. WINGS houses women and children in two transition homes, and provides them with information and advocacy.

  • Fraserside Community Services

    Building stronger communities by creating opportunities and partnerships that make a difference in peoples’ lives.

  • Canada SCORES

    After school program helping at risk youth find their voice, achieve goals and reach their full potential through the game of soccer, the art of poetry and community service experiences.

  • Sarah McLachlan School of Music

    Music instruction at no cost in a safe and nurturing environment for at risk and underserved children and youth.

  • Vancouver Police Foundation

    Promotes alternative funding to inspire innovative community partnerships with the VPD.

  • St James Community Service Society

    Provides shelter, counseling, learning opportunities to assist women transitioning to the next step in their journey. Specifically sponsored two intake rooms at Powell Place expansion.

  • Evergreen

    Evergreen's Seeding Healthy Communities builds stronger, healthier neighbourhoods through food growing and education. Collaborating with community members and local organizations, SHC improves the health and well-being of diverse Vancouverites, from youth and seniors, to new Canadians and First Nations communities. Four community garden sites across the city provide hubs to grow nutritious and affordable food, and serve as outdoor classrooms for sustainable food security.

  • Wheel to Heal

    A fun, challenging and unique bicycle ride through the Tri Cities that raises money for Eagleridge Hospital.

  • Victoria Cool Aid Society

    Acts to end homelessness by working in partnership with others to develop community based solutions – advocate and provide emergency shelter, supportive housing, integrated healthcare and other support services.

  • James Bay Community Project

    Working to build a healthy, inclusive community in James Bay and beyond by operating and facilitating programs and services that support families, youth, seniors and individuals and groups.

  • Burnside Gorge Community Association

    Offers family resource programs and services that respond to the needs of families – family outreach, childcare, parent and child programs, youth centre and special events, recreational activities, and language courses.

  • Threshold Housing

    In partnership with HeroWork ( a program through which nonprofits can have their community infrastructure renovated). Renovated a 4plex unit house devoted to housing youth at risk of homelessness.

  • Community Micro Lending

    Online peer to peer micro lending allowing those with a great idea the ability to carry it our when hey cannot get credit from a bank.

  • CRFair

    Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable (CRFAIR), formed in 1997, is a coalition of organizations working to strengthen regional food security and our local food system, from farm gate to dinner plate. CRFAIR's mission is to increase knowledge of and bring about positive change in the food and agriculture system within the Capital Region.

  • Victoria Native Friendship Centre

    VNFC provides services to an estimated 15,000 Aboriginal people living off reserve in the greater Victoria area; as well as the 5,000 residents from the First Nations communities in the southern Vancouver Island region. The Siem Lelum House will provide 40-45 units of safe and affordable residential housing for Aboriginal single young adults who are working and/or in school, or are at risk of becoming homeless, who will benefit from living in a supportive environment where they can learn parenting skills and other life skills necessary for self sufficiency.

  • Power to Be

    Power To Be provides adventure-based programs designed for youth and families in need of support. Our caring staff, specialized equipment and network of community partnerships assist people living with a disability by strengthening connections with nature and finding inspiration through the discovery of limitless ability.

  • Plan Canada

    Through a process of collaboration Plan aims to achieve lasting improvements in developing countries. We have been proud supporters for over 40 years, now supporting 23 children and youth.

  • Gabby Davis Foundation

    Provides support and assistance to BC children with cancer and their families in times of financial need.

  • The Children of the Street Society

    Dedicated to the prevention of sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth in BC through education strategies, public awareness initiatives and family support.

  • Do What U Luv

    Focuses on promoting the importance of creative learning and imagination for youth and community development by organizing more creative programs that are low cost and accessible, such as art, dance, martial-art, yoga and more. The vision is to connect children, youth and adults with opportunities and outlets to learn and explore in a safe environment, both in-school and after-school hours (3-6pm), as well as supporting local artists, dancers, musicians and others to do what they love and share their passion with others.

  • Surrey Urban Mission

    The Surrey Urban Mission provides 1200-1500 (more in times of extreme weather) meals per week, and hosting community kitchens and programs for all ages including community gardens, and engaging many community groups to provide services and volunteer.

  • Surrey School District Breakfast Programs in 3 Learning Centres

    These Learning Centres offer a flexible, student centred education program for high needs students in Grades 10-12 who need additional support or options that a traditional secondary school cannot offer. Breakfast is prepared and served to more than 40 students each day, ensuring that students receive a nutritious, well rounded meal before the school day starts. The breakfast service is critical as it ensures that students who would otherwise be hungry, can concentrate and learn and focus on the tasks at hand. Students are calmer, happier and get to school more regularly and on time because of the breakfast program.

  • Surrey School District Clubhouse 36

    Clubhouse 36 is a unique endeavor of the Surrey School District that runs throughout the school year, providing summer school, spring break and after school programs to vulnerable children in the Surrey School District. The Summer program offered a full day camp for 150 students this past summer. The Spring Break Clubhouse will provide full day programming for 150 children next Spring Break. The After School Clubhouse offers programming 2 afternoons per week for 80 children this coming year and 160 by the following year. This is a partnership between the Surrey School District, YMCA, many community partners, and a few Private foundations. Programming is provided to vulnerable students and includes fine arts, cooking, sports, engineering, science, and extra academic support.

  • RainCity Housing and Support

    "A home for every person." RainCity housing provides innovative, outcome oriented programs and services for people living with mental illness, addictions and other challenges.

  • Can You Dig It

    Can You Dig It, an initiative of posAbilities, supports communities to create inclusive and welcoming food-growing gardens where individuals from all backgrounds and life experiences can learn, share, grow and contribute to the betterment of their community. Gardeners grow more than food, they also cultivate relationships, develop new skills and enhance local food security.

  • Decoda Literacy Foundation

    Decoda Literacy is the only province-wide literacy organization in British Columbia. Working with a coordinated network, Decoda provides resources, training and funds to support 1300 community-based programs and initiatives in 400 communities across BC. These programs support 200,000 children and families, youth, adult learners, and Aboriginal and immigrant communities in an effort to build strong individuals, strong families and strong communities.

  • Early Entrepreneurs/Startup Skool

    Early Entrepreneurs exists to help youth discover and monetize their passion. Through our programs in and outside the classroom they transform youth into critical thinkers, problem solvers, creators, and ethical entrepreneurs. Startup Skool is a week-long summer camp for youth ages 9-12. Equipped with a crash course on entrepreneurship, students will collaborate in small teams, get armed with $100 worth of startup supplies, make a "dragon's den" pitch, explore various downtown attractions, meet local entrepreneurs and by the end of the week, actually run their own business.

  • Canada SCORES

    After school program helping at risk youth find their voice, achieve goals and reach their full potential through the game of soccer, the art of poetry and community service experiences.

  • Camp Kerry

    Camp Kerry fosters a "community of belonging" that provides grieving families with a memorable and positive experience of connection, healing and hope through education, support and counselling services.

  • Crisis Centre of BC and School District partnership

    We have provided funding for a 2 year comprehensive crisis and suicide prevention plan providing high school, middle and elementary teachers and counsellors the capacity to respond to crisis and suicide. Local service agencies are invited to attend as well as they are often integral in the lives of vulnerable students. After the program is completed the district in question will have suicide intervention trained counsellors and teachers at each school and the capacity to roll out half day suicide awareness sessions for all counsellors and teachers for years to come.

  • BC Children's Hospital

    Provides expert care for the province’s most seriously ill or injured children.

  • Free the Children - Adopt A Village

    Adopt A Village is designed to empower communities to break the cycle of poverty and support themselves over the long term. Sustainability is the focus from the outset as local staff and teams work with community members.

  • Lunch2go

    Lunch2go was designed by the VSB Food Services to help children who arrive to school hungry or without food. We believe that healthy eating improves learning and helps children reach their full potential.

  • BabyGoRound

    BabyGoRound is dedicated to providing families in need with essential equipment, clothing, and products for their infants and young children. The goal of BabyGoRound is to help mothers access the essentials they need to ensure the well-being of their babies and young children. By providing concrete resources to their families through a network of social service professionals, the stress of having a new baby can be alleviated for those mothers who are struggling financially. The association was formed by a group of women in the community who recognized a need and wanted to work to fulfill it.


Our Bosa False Creek rooftop garden was the setting for a lesson in community gardening and healthy, sustainable foods as we welcomed one of our partners, Project Chef, and a group of McBride Elementary School children to share in a harvest and learn about the full cycle of food.


The world renowned Kenyan Boys' Choir played a free outdoor concert at Hornby Plaza in downtown Vancouver this Fall. The choir came to Vancouver to participate in We Day Vancouver 2015 with Free the Children. Proudly sponsored by the Bosa and BlueSky Properties Foundations.


The Bosa Properties Foundation was thrilled to bring in BC Lion's Solomon Elimimian to visit the kids at Clubhouse 36 in Surrey. Solomon's visit sparked excitement and provided the kids with the perfect role model. This after school program runs in partnership with the Surrey School District, YMCA, community partners, and private foundations such as ourselves.

The strategic objectives of the Bosa Properties Foundation are to expand the capacity of community-based nonprofits to achieve greater impact for the clients they serve, as well as increase opportunities for community collaboration and engagement among nonprofits and other sectors.

We consider projects in the following focus areas:

Children & Youth – Supporting projects that fulfill the needs of vulnerable children, youth and their families addressing systemic issues in each community.

Food – Supporting healthy food programs to feed those in need; empower and educate families on sustainable food practices.

The following principles are project funding priorities for the Bosa Properties Foundation. Explain to us how your project includes one or more of the following principles:

  1. Community Involvement
    • Focus on community engagement
    • Focus on self-sustaining (versus dependency-based) solutions
  2. Asset-based approach
    • Focus on the strengths of the target group
    • Leveraging community resources
  3. Addressing a root cause of the social issue
    • Focus on solving underlying causes
    • Interventions directed at prevention
  4. Funding in the community where the development is located
    • Focus on local impact
  5. Grassroots charities with a progressive, innovative approach
    • Collaboration with community partners
  6. Evaluation and measurement of impact
    • Reporting back on outcomes of key metrics within three months of program completion.

Granting funds will be considered for organizations with projects that fulfill at least one of the guiding principles.


After reviewing our eligibility requirements, submit your project proposal which should not exceed three pages with the following information:

  1. Contact name, email, phone number and website address
  2. Introduction to your organization, including your Revenue Canada charitable tax number
  3. Description of the project and how it fits our focus areas and guiding principles
  4. Identify other organizations in the community you are working with
  5. Timeline, including start and end dates
  6. Project budget identifying expenditures and confirmed/potential revenue sources
  7. Amount requested from the Bosa Properties Foundation and expected outcomes and impact for community investment funds.
  8. Provide a minimum of six weeks' lead time.

Once complete, please email your Project Proposal to When you’ve submitted your Project Proposal, we will review it for eligibility and fit with our focus, guiding principles and community funding budget.